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I'm from Belgium, I'm 33 and welcome to my world, a world full of Holy Trinity (Hannah Hart/Grace Helbig/Mamrie Hart), Hartbig, Orange is the new black, Bechloe, Orphan Black, Cophine/Science girlfriends, Tatiana Maslany, , Tegan and Sara, Cocorosie. yes, I like girls, yes i like movies, i like series, and I like you tumblr people.
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Season 4: beginning vs ending

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Tagged: Heather Morris and Naya Rivera
Location: Hospital, Heather’s Place
Time Frame: Sunday April 7th
Notes: Heather experiences bad pain in her stomach and finds blood, worried something horrible has happened to the baby. Naya rushes her to the hospital and they are relieved when the doctor finds that everything will be okay.

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I always tag my brittana post with “it hurts”, I think i’ll be the same with my heya post

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