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I'm from Belgium, I'm 33 and welcome to my world, a world full of Holy Trinity (Hannah Hart/Grace Helbig/Mamrie Hart), Hartbig, Orange is the new black, Bechloe, Orphan Black, Cophine/Science girlfriends, Tatiana Maslany, , Tegan and Sara, Cocorosie. yes, I like girls, yes i like movies, i like series, and I like you tumblr people.
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Drazic Anita scenes - Ep 124 (par LeopoldStotchRules)

I think I’ve seen this episode more than 10 times.

And I think I still have the VHS somewhere in the house.

Drazic and Anita, first breakup (par Arianou)

I was 16, and I think it’s one of my first otp.